Man and Van Companies: Are they Important?

Man and Van Companies: Are they Important?
January 27, 2019 No Comments Business admin

When moving,one aspect that most people neglect to put attention at is the man and van company/removals company that they hire. Because of the numerous stresses of moving,we often just get the most convenient or first man and van company that we see. This is a huge mistake that will just make the moving process worse for you.

This may lead to a lot of problems for you like missing items,mishandled furniture,broken valuable items,etc. A sketchy man and van company will also give you double the anxiety when moving. You will not feel at ease especially when you’re loading up valuable items on the back of a dingy truck. By not taking the time to carefully sort out all your options,you are taking the risk of damaged items and an even worse migraine.

Here are some tips on how to find a great man and van company that will make the moving process better for you.

  1. Find removal companies in your area and research the options that are open to you thoroughly

  2. Experience matters especially when it comes to Man and Van companies. Their length of stay in the field is important – the more years they have been staying,the more wisdom they have in packing and moving

  3. Hire a removals company that offers the option of renting out a ,if necessary. There are Removals company that are partnered with Self Storage already which will make your moving easier for you. If you are based in the UK,I recommend WhatStorage.

  4. Check out the reviews of former clients. Check how they handle the furniture and valuable items their clients entrust them with as well as how they pack them.

  5. Visit the company so you know who is in charge of handling your items. Establishing a good rapport is important so you can be at ease during the move. Finalising details face to face is also better than on the phone

  6. Read the terms and conditions of your contract thoroughly. Clarify any unclear terms. This is better than having them bite you back after you have moved.

  7. If you’re renting out a WhatStorage? ,visit it before the day of the move to make sure that it is adequately sized and appropriate for you. Some people rent out a unit without seeing it first. This tends to get them disappointed on the day itself.

Before the day of the move,there are some things that you should do first. This will make your day easier especially on such a tiring day. The list of to-do things are as follows:

  1. Create a comprehensive list of items that you will bring to ensure that you are not losing anything after the move.

  2. Label all the boxes to prevent any confusion and mishandling

  3. Keep important items (ie. documents,passport,jewellery) with you during the move

  4. Before leaving,check every room,wardrobe,and cupboard and make sure they are all empty. You do not want to go back there because you left something,do you?

  5. Lastly,check with the van driver if they have the right address. There’s nothing wrong with double checking.

Moving houses or office location can be a hassle. However,with a great Man and Van company,you can lessen the stress a little bit.

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